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Alternative Meats - Second Wind Elk

Contact Information

Product Descriptions

    Elk meat available in fresh and frozen, whole or partial carcasses, and same or mixed value-added products.

    All typical cuts of elk, elk venison tortierres, various cooking sausages, cranberry cured smoked sliced deli meat, summer sausage, dutch style metwurst, hungarian style salami, pepperettes, elk venison pies, prepared elk venison stew and elk liver pate.

    We also sell meat products from caribou, game birds, wild boar and buffalo. 


    Products available within Ontario through farm-gate sales, farmerÂ’s markets, retail stores, wholesalers and Internet sales.

    Open for business all the time. Payment options are cash and cheque. You can pick up or we can ship or deliver within 100 miles.

Other Information

    We have in business since 1996. Every animal is inspected for CWD and processed in a provincially inspected abattoir. We are enrolled in a CWD monitoring program and are members of OEBA, CCC and CFFO. 

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