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Venison Culinary Centre: Recipes

Photo courtesy Alberta Elk Centre

There are thousands of good recipes for cooking tasty venison meals and treats. We will provide only a sampling to get you started.

Many of the recipes listed here are from two of our favourite cookbooks - one produced by the Iowa Elk Breeders Association and the other by the Alberta White-tail & Mule Deer Association. Both these cookbooks can be purchased from these Associations. See Resources for more information on these and other sources of recipes.

Each recipe is listed on a separate page so that you can easily print it out and use it. If you have any favourite venison recipes you would like to share, please send them along to webmaster@deerfarmer.com Enjoy!

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2. Venison Burgers

4. Venison Roasts

6. Venison Soups

8. Sauces and Marinades

There are links to many more recipes located in our Resources section. For example, the NZ Venison website has over 160 quality venison recipes.

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