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Bonnie Brae Farms

Contact Information

Product Descriptions

    Red deer venison for sale as fresh cuts, frozen whole and partial carcasses, packages of same cuts, and value-added products.

    We offer red deer venison steaks (boneless), roasts, chops, burger, sausage, stew meat, sirloin tips, medallions, spare ribs, oss buco, bones, liver, heart, and other organ meats. Also venison snack sticks and jerky.

    Vacuum packed, USDA inspected. No hormones or steriods. Very lean and low in cholesterol. 


    Products available within USA through farm-gate sales, farmersÂ’ markets and mail order.

    Open for business seven days a week - 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Payment options are cash, credit cards and cheque. Meat can be picked up or we can ship anywhere in the USA.

Other Information

    Deer farming since 1994. TB and brucellosis accredited free herd. Closed herd since 1995. Part of CWD monitoring program. Meat is processed at USDA inspected slaughter facility.

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